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Interested in learning a language?

Learn with a certified Neurolanguage Coach®.

Find a certified Neurolanguage Coach®
ELC has created a worldwide network of Language Coaches who have been trained and certified by the ELC Language Coaching Certification Programme.

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Our coaches offer flexible and tailor-made solutions that are optimised for language learning. Their courses can be tailored to any business or area of expertise for individuals or groups.

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Neurolanguage Coaching® Certification

For Language Teachers

Become a certified and accredited Neurolanguage Coach®.

ELC Neurolanguage Coaching® Certification course is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) with 30 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) hours, plus 6 hours of Resource Development. The course has a very well-balanced ratio of theory and practice with a high degree of active coaching, so you instantly come into practical coaching and “learning by doing”.

Efficient Language Coaching® will transform you from language teacher to language coach. Become a Neurolanguage Coach® today!

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Neurolanguage Communication® Certification

For Teachers of Any Discipline

Invest in yourself and your career with the first and only Neurolanguage Communication® Certification course in the world.

The Neurolanguage Communication® course aims to transform the learning process from directive and teacher-centric to a brain friendly non-directive and learner-centric process.

This course is designed for teachers, trainers and educators of any discipline (including HR managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs).

Transform from Teacher to Coach

The 5th Annual Neuro + Heart Education Conference

Sitges, Spain, 2021

Rachel’s passion lies in the following question:

“How can we as educators, no matter who we are, whether public or private sector and no matter what topic we teach – enhance the learning process to improve it, make it more effective and more efficient, more adapted to the 21st century and ultimately much more ‘learner centric’ ?”

The rationale and philosophy behind the conference is “Enhancing the Learning Process, Shifting into the 21st century”.

We’ll be announcing the 2021 dates very soon…

Neurolanguage Collective

Neurolanguage Collective Magazine

Promoting and Supporting the Neurolanguage Coaching Community. The magazine brings interesting articles, news and updates to the Neurolanguage community – not only from Neurolanguage Coaches but also from people interested in learning, neuroscience, psychology, languages and other areas that interest us all.

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Rachel Paling

Neurolanguage Coach, Keynote Speaker & Author

Rachel Paling founded Efficient Language Coaching Ltd. in 2008 and created the Neurolanguage Coaching® method.

Rachel regularly speaks at Language events and conferences, delivers courses, runs webinars and produces her weekly podcasts. Find out more about Rachel, her book and the ELC story.

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Join the Neurolanguage Coach Network

Are you a Certified ELC Neurolanguage Coach or a Prospective Neurolanguage Coach?

Join the growing worldwide family of coaches and access your very own coach profile, place on the worldwide map and the member only areas.

You want learners to find you and get in touch easily. The Network is there to help you be discovered and contacted. Check out the Network today 🙂

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Efficient Language Coaching Ltd

Fast, Effective Language Learning

We distinguish ourselves from ordinary language training as we focus and coach our clients according to the needs, requirements and specific topics/lacking skills of each individual, creating targets and integrating coaching techniques for a deeper and faster learning of the language/language topic.

Our principal mission is to assist the client to reach higher language levels in a most efficient and effective way.

“Language Coaching is the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge from the Language Coach to the Language Coachee with sustainable effects facilitated by brain based coaching and coaching principles.”

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